Devil in the Details

Today saw a continuance of the little nesting spree I’m in, and to be honest, I’m sure it will continue for quite some time! I had a bunch of free time to catch up on little household tasks like dishes, laundry, and putting things away, and it was nice to see a tiny transformation around the place. Having three adults (and all their stuff!) packed into one apartment is a little tricky for now, but we’re making it work. In any case, it was nice to do a few things and spend a few hours feeling productive.

I’m still quite thrilled with our little table. My only complaints are that it seems to scratch easily, and as you can see in the window reflection in the photo below, our furry little roommates leave their white furs to wander and land ever so sweetly on the shiny table top. Nothing a damp rag can’t fix, however!

I’m starting to realize how important it is to put a little extra effort into small details. I’ve never been very good at accessorizing, or honing finer points, to be quite frank. It’s not that I don’t adore little accent pillows, quirky cabinet pulls, etc., I’m just so bad at picking them out for myself! Luckily, Blaise seems to be an expert at these sorts of things, and I’m slowly learning.

I’ve lately become quite obsessed with little trays (of which there are a-plenty at Goodwill!) and love arranging my jewelry and accessories on it.

Here’s a little black tray with enamel flowers (which you can’t really see underneath all the stuff!) that Blaise already had. I keep a few necklaces, my bracelets, and my rings on it.

This pretty mirrored tray might be my favorite, however. It’s quite perfect for housing little bottles so they don’t get cluttered around the top of the dresser. I found it yesterday at Charlie’s House (right next to Qcumberz)- a truly fantastic antique shop around the corner that is really reasonably priced as well!

The apartment itself is starting to come together really nicely. Over the last few weeks we’ve put up a few shelves, and Blaise has taken on the business of planting dozens of little succulent terrariums in glass containers. You can see on in the top photo of the table, but this one might be one of my favorites. It’s on one of the shelf units that we’ve just hung over the bed. I want more shelves! Tons more! More places to put neat things!

I love the vintage Vanity Fair men in their charming wears that are underneath our first shelf!

There’s still a ton left to do tonight alone, not to mention the many, many days coming up that will be full of lots of work. I can’t wait to get my hands into the dirt in the garden, too! Oh boy I’m having so much fun thinking about what I want to plant, i.e., what I want to eat come harvest time. But it’s rainy slightly outside, so I suppose I’m stuck inside folding laundry. Ah well, clean laundry was never a bad thing, I guess!

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