An Outing

School is about to spring, so I’ve been making the most of my time.

A quick trip to World Market on 18th street and Camelback.

A dish like the one I saw at Gallo Blanco

Rows of delightful wine glasses

I seriously want a mortar and pestle to crush up all the herbs and spices I’ve been buying these days.

Shelves full of wonderful, foreign, overpriced items.

We also took a side trip to a Ocean Floor. I’m coming over to the fish tank idea. I really do want a pet, but fur and dander is really starting to be a turn off for me… especially with all the nice furniture we’ve been amassing over the last few weeks.

Little Neon Fishies! They swim too fast to get a good shot…

Big Fishies.

Strange faces

Pretty tanks.

Fish tanks could be pretty cool. And pretty mod… done right.

Just a thought!

Do you have any fish? Saltwater or fresh? Any advice?

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