True Story: I Love Eggs. Sunny-side-up, poached, scrambled, fried, hard-boiled, deviled… I really love eggs. My good friends from school will tell you that I ate an egg salad sandwich almost every day during my senior year of college. This is serious business. Very fortunately for me, I now have ten feathered roommates who love eggs just as much as me, if not even more.

Meet the chickens.

The chickens are pretty hard to photograph on an iPhone as they like to run around in that typical chicken way, so please excuse the blurry faces. They are good chickens, however, and I promise they have normal faces, not blurry faces. Our chickens are free-range, organic-fed, happy, blur-free chickens. And guess what?! They make so many delicious eggs!

Right now we have four grown up hens and six little guys. The little guys aren’t so little anymore, I suppose, as they are nearly the size of the grown ups and will likely start laying any day now. Probably when it cools down a little bit. I was pretty frightened of my new roommates at first. They really like to swarm at you and peck around your feet (and maybe on your feet if your shoelaces happen to look like worms). They make weird noises and puff up and act really angry and broody (ha ha get it? broody?) when, in reality, they’re actually quite docile and silly. I am starting to become quite fond of the chickens!

Our very biggest chicken, Mabus, is a monster of a hen. I have been practicing picking up the hens lately, and today it was my grand goal to get up the guts to pick up Mabus. It happened!

I don’t know why I am making that face. Mabus is a really nice chicken. We have meaner chickens than Mabus. She is arguably the loudest of the chickens, of course, but she’s really a very amiable creature. I had no reason to be making such a face at Mabus. Sorry, little hen.

As you can imagine, we eat a lot of eggs at our place. Oftentimes, we are swimming in so many eggs that we have no idea what to do with all of them. This is when we send out SOS texts to friends and family – “DO YOU NEED ANY EGGS RIGHT NOW??” This was the case right before we went to San Francisco. Right now, unfortunately, not so much. We’re pretty sure it’s just because of the intense heat we’ve got going on right now — most of the chickens’ energy is going to staying cool. In any case, we only get an egg or two every day which we greedily cook up on the same day.

Fresh eggs? Like… layed 10 minutes ago fresh eggs? Boy, let me tell you, they’re pretty delicious.

Inspired by my old friend and fellow blogger, Rebecca Yang of Yang with a Dash of Yin, who posted a delicious recipe the other day that I’ve been drooling over for some time, I decided to finally learn how to poach these eggs. Now, I’m someone who will order an Eggs  Benedict at any chance I can get these days, and typically end up paying a premium for delicious poached eggs. I was a little nervous to try to do it myself for the very first time, but…

…It went pretty well!

I poached them very quickly so that there was still a good amount of yolk in the middle, just how I like it. I found it was really, really easy… but Blaise tells me that I’m getting spoiled by learning how to poach eggs with such fresh eggs. I hear it is a little more difficult with store bought ones.

I am very proud of my first egg poaching experience. I served it on top of a potato hash that was also pretty simple:

2 potatos
1 green onion*
1 medium garlic clove*
small handful cherry tomatoes
basil*, salt, pepper, other spices (to taste)
olive oil -or- butter

*items were pulled from our garden!

Heat up a seasoned cast iron skillet while you peel and cut both potatoes. Throw them in and stir them around with a bit of the olive oil so they are all completely coated. Salt and pepper the potatoes. Cover. Let cook for 5-8 minutes, stirring occasionally. After the potatoes have had some solo time in the skillet, toss in the garlic and green onion. Continue to cook on medium, making sure that nothing is sticking to the bottom of the pan, but remembering that the potatoes really do need a good amount of sustained heat-time to soften. If it’s looking like the potatoes are mostly just getting brown and burn-y, throw in a little bit of butter or oil to help them stay soft. When the potatoes are just about done, chop up some cherry tomatoes and throw them in, too. I try to avoid putting tomatoes into my hashes or stir fries until the very end because they get pretty wrinkled and acid tasting as opposed to staying sweet and succulent.

Additional goodies to put in:

kale, spinach, or any other leafy green
carrots and/ or parsnips
lean meats

or, as pictured above….


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54 thoughts on “Egghead

  1. So happy my post inspired you, Cal! Hope all is well, and keep cooking! 🙂

  2. Chicken catching is so much fun . . the more wicked, the bigger the challenge ! :p

    • calundmark says:

      You know, it’s the babies who are giving me the toughest time right now. The big guys don’t seem to care too much. Mabus-Schmabus… it’s time to go catch those chicks!

  3. KatherinesDaughter says:

    We have chickens too. The eggs are fantastic! I’ll have to try your recipe….looks delicious!

  4. We’re thinking about getting some chickens. It’s now legal where we are, but there’s such a bureaucratic hassle. Fresh eggs might be worth it, though!

  5. sam says:

    Thank you for sharing such a charming story. Loved it!

  6. chikero says:

    Reblogged this on Pasobiofzion's Blog and commented:
    Fantastic write up

  7. ssrijana says:

    wow! dont they mess up your place?

  8. free penny press says:

    I love eggs too.. nice post!

  9. Wow…I’m jealous of your chickens. Our local government don’t allow them because the houses are so close together here.
    Do you have a rooster as well? They ‘cocka-doodle-doo’ all day from what I’ve heard. Not just at sunrise like they show in the cartoons.

    • calundmark says:

      Part of me really wants a rooster, but part of me thinks that the noise would probably drive me absolutely nuts. I also don’t think they’re legal here either…

      • If you don’t mind me asking…what part of the country do you live in? I’m in Norfolk, Virginia
        Very hot here as well. 100 degrees for months now. My garden is suffering…
        Can you use chicken droppings in your garden? Just wondering.

      • calundmark says:

        I currently reside in good ol’ Phoenix. And although many people like to remind me that “it’s a dry heat!” I’d like to point out that it is currently monsoon season so it’s still about 107+ with a pretty high amount of humidity. Everything is wilting (including me!)!! I don’t dare post a picture of the very, very sad looking garden yet… but you know there’s going to be a big ol’ chicken + garden = happy people post in the coming months.

  10. So happy that you have blur free chickens! Very funny post. Lucky you to have chickens and fresh eggs everyday! I love a poached egg on top of almost everything. Try it on top of a burger next time!

  11. Just ate the first scrambled eggs from my 3 hens this morning … delicious! We made this quiche with their first 4 eggs … give it a try!

  12. roxyboots says:

    You really can’t beat fresh food can you?! This post has convinced me further that I am going to HAVE to get some chickens. A little research I think! Thanks and well done on getting freshly pressed.

  13. YUM! Eggs, bacon, fried ‘taters,sausage gravy, course ground black pepper.
    Or………fried chicken?

  14. amb says:

    This looks delicious! I’m not very good at poaching eggs but I may be inspired to try again 🙂

  15. I love eggs too…used to eat them every day, three times a day – that’s every single meal. Fried, poached, frittatas, omelets….just typing this makes my mouth water. Unfortunately I’ve been told to stay away from them for at least 3 months (doc’s orders). I always imagined owning my own chickens. You’re living the *my* dream 😀

  16. yummy I love, love, LOVE poached eggs!!!

  17. writinghouse says:

    We have chickens too and they are really nice to have around the garden. They come and twitter to you, quick happily. Occasionally they peck your legs to get attention. Whenever I twitter back to them, they take me seriously. My partner, thesnailofhappiness, has pictures on her blog of ours. We have similar egg gluts.
    Good luck with your furry fuzzy-faced (oh no, they weren’t really, were they?) chicks!

  18. I ADORE eggs! And it’s a lifelong dream of mine to have chickens one day. Great post!

  19. ambergravitt says:

    You are speaking my language. Eggs are awesome. I’ve been getting mine from a friend who has chickens and there is just no comparison. Plus I feel good about not supporting industrial farming with all its icky and cruel practices. Congrats on getting your chickens and on learning to poach those eggs!

  20. I like your style of writing! =)
    Congrats on freshly pressed!

    Check mine too?
    Cheers! ^^

  21. You’re living the good life, alright 🙂 I love eggs, too.

  22. conniewalden says:

    Thanks for sharing your chicken family. Connie

  23. I’m a fellow hen lady 🙂 !! We only have 5-8 hens at a time. Our little free range egg business keeps the change jingling in my childrens pockets – we love the entertainment they give us, and the meals! Enjoy !!

  24. It’s my goal to have egg laying hens someday. I’m a little nervous about it! But reading posts like these inspire me. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  25. Nice to see another hen lover! We have hens in our back garden and I love the noises they make – they’re like having more kids. And of course, the eggs are great – so fresh and yummy. Wish I had space for more hens! Lovely post – thanks.

  26. cjgal says:

    How fun! We got 7 chickens in April as little chicks, they should start laying in a month or two. I’m dying for some fresh eggs! At least it gave us some time to hoard egg cartons until then. Happy backyard farming!

  27. I lived with my sister for a while who has hens – 15 in all. I trained them so that when you yell “Chickens” they all come running. It does help to have food scraps to give them when you call them 🙂 If it is really hot you could put a fan in their coupe… or I read that they like to dig themselves into sand to cool off and that you could make a sand box for them – or just spread it out I guess. My sister’s hens aren’t laying much right now either.

    Enjoy your eggs! 🙂

    • calundmark says:

      Ooh, the fan is a great idea! I have already seen some of the chickens digging into the dirt to cool off. I feel so bad for them in this heat! At least the dog days are almost over…. right??

  28. Wow 10! I have 4 chookies and love having them around. They are very used to people now (and my children) and allow us to pat them. The local council only allows us 4 in suburban Australia, otherwise I would expand my brood.
    By the way the breakfast looks amazing!!

  29. kelvintan88 says:

    Absolute gorgeous post. Its a beautiful thing when you can see the process of nature all the way to the plate. Keep up the good work, maybe you could expand into farming other animals?!

  30. Great post! Please come and check out my blog @ The more followers, the more posts 🙂

  31. We have chickens. We have about 74 hens and 4 roosters. We have 2 hens who are broody right now, brown leggen. Well, we have 2 baby chick who have hatched in the past few days. We have these girls for our ministry. We have been doing this for about 3 years. We love it. Some free-range on our 14 acres and then we have a very very large coop. Live in Ralph, Al Tuscaloosa Ala. Fresh eggs are the best!

  32. Grumpa Joe says:

    I like eggs cooked most ways, but I really love roast chicken the best.

  33. IamJoyceee says:

    My husband abhors eggs because of a childhood ‘trauma’. Noe eggs are banned in our house! I do get to sneak a tray every now and then and cook meself eggy stuff when he’s not around. 🙂

  34. tallis1970 says:

    Oh how i long for the days when I can start growing my own chickens again (and some pigs). We had a lot of chickens when i was a kid. We even made a bit of cash selling eggs. One thing I cannot forget was the roosters waking us up at 5am. I am so delighted for you and your efforts.

  35. Now that you’ve learned to poach those wonderful fresh eggs, you’ll want to make your own Eggs Benedict. Here is a recipe for an easy Hollandaise Sauce:
    1. Heat 1/2 cup butter to bubbling. Do not brown.
    2. Into an electric blender, put three egg yolks, two tablespoons fresh lemon juice, one-quarter teaspoon salt and a pinch of cayenne.
    3. Turn motor on low speed and add hot butter gradually. Blend abut fifteen seconds or until sauce is thickened and smooth. Makes about 3/4 cup. Quick and delicious!
    (This recipe was first conceived by prominent food consultant Ann Seranne.)

  36. nkeller29 says:

    I love fresh eggs! My aunt also has a ton of chickens and whenever I visit her she lets me take some to bake with, what a difference it makes !

  37. jenhelene77 says:

    great post! I can’t wait until I can have my own chickens! I have a dear friend who lets me play with hers and eat her eggs, so i consider myself very lucky!
    thanks for sharing

  38. Writing Jobs says:

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  39. cartoonmick says:

    Eggs are great and go well with most things. Chickens ?? If they could talk, they’d probably be nicer than many people.

  40. Alyssa says:

    Seems so delicious, thanks for this recipe. I too love eggs, we always have them for breakfast everyday. Congrats on making this post to freshly pressed and those are really wonderful photos. To be honest, I’m scared of chickens but they sure are tasty, oppss! 😀

    colorado springs divorce lawyers

  41. Anita Neuman says:

    Oh, this was so great! We have 4 chickens as well (Dixie Chick, Kelly Cluckson, Selena Gomeggs, and Yolko Ono). And it is awesome getting fresh eggs every single day!

    Congrats on the FP!

  42. austinferrari says:

    Nothing beats a poached egg in the AM!

    • calundmark says:

      Seriously though! I went out for brunch yesterday and got a delicious plate of Eggs Benedict. Will this egg addiction ever end!? Thanks a million for stopping by my little blog!

  43. Sarah says:

    Mmm-mm! Fresh eggs are the best!

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  46. chickcando says:

    19 chickens and counting…I will be trying this recipe! Looks delish!
    I love my chickens. My neighbors love them and the kids all come down so now it’s more of a community chicken house! So great!
    I’m glad to find you here! And thank you for the recipe. Can’t wait to try it!
    Come visit me sometime, too! I don’t do recipes, but calamity finds me and well…I write about it.

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