I’m always curious about what women carry in their purses. What is so important that it can’t be left behind?? It seems to be a little platitude that “you can always tell a lot about a woman by looking at the contents of her purse.”

So here you go, the contents of my purse.

1. Wallet. Blaise made this for me after my last wallet died. He disassembled the thing and re-made it out of Italian leather. How sweet!
2. Burt’s Bees medicated chapstick. Tastes like cloves!
3. “Red Revival” lipstick by Maybelline. My favorite.
4. “Pink Star” lipstick by Rimmel.
5. “Kiss” lipstick by Rimmel.
6. “Amsterdam” soft matte lip creme by NYX.
7. “Diva” lipstick by MAC.
[do I have enough lipstick? I might be a bit embarrassed…]
8. CoverGirl TRUblend pressed powder in “Translucent Fair.” A summer staple.
9. 5 Hour Energy – Grape Flavored. C’mon guys, don’t judge… another school year is about to start.
10. 3 black pens and 1 yellow highlighter.
11. A coin purse given to me by an old Interlochen camper from Taiwan.
12. A card from Mint Vintage so I don’t forget to go back and get that super cute skirt.
13. A $10 gift card to Lowes from my mom.
14. 3 hair clips. These things seem to accumulate at the bottom of my purse.
15. Assorted trash: Gobstopers wrapper; A name tag from Faculty Orientation; gum and starburst wrappers; receipt from Circle K
16. Pack of gum.


2 thoughts on “Contents

  1. roxyboots says:

    I too have several lip glosses or lipsticks at any one time! Nothing to be embarrassed about.

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