Keep on Keepin’ On

We are marching onward. 5 days down, 174 to go.

The world as I see it so far:

(how on earth is my desk this messy already? This is only a small part of it, too!)

Research scavenger hunt for the 5th graders. Those kids better be able to use a dictionary. I’m serious. And an index!

A lovely painting outside of Lux. So pretty!

Not much more to report today. Blaise is off to the east coast for a week and I will miss him dearly. It will be just me and the chickens! I met an old, dear friend for coffee today – as soon as she bustled into town, she’s off again and I’m not sure when she will be back. Goodbyes are never easy.

But for now, I am pooped. My legs are tired after standing all day in less-than-desirable shoes. I have plenty to do tomorrow, so I’m about to tuck in and get some much needed zzzzzzzzs.

xo – Cal


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