A few nice things –

I gave my “Art of the Middle Ages” quiz back to the students and made them take it again. I got an A+ finally! I am not surprised that this student received it – she’s sort of wonderful. A few tests past hers however, someone earned an unprecedented 24/25. I wasn’t planning on giving any extra credit, but her short answer response was too, too good!

I did get this awesome answer though. What a hipster. He was over gargoyles before Notre Dame was even built.

Apparently I am now a class. Hooray! Everyone gets an A!

Even though it’s just a silly painting with crappy watercolors, it’s still fun to make demo pieces for my classes. This is what I did this week with 3rd grade. The ACTUAL final product has some black pen outlining, but details schmetails.

While all the other teachers have math books, Latin worksheets, science experiments, or English exercises on their desks, I get to have watercolors, bowls of water, markers, and construction paper littering mine. Look closely on the front left side… I started Islamic Architecture with the 4th graders (now that we’ve finished our Art of the Middle Ages unit). I gave them a worksheet on which we identified minarets, prayer halls, and domes. I’m keepin’ it simple this time around. No more Gothic Gombel!

My last post was pretty fatalistic. I definitely hate my job sometimes and seriously feel like typing up a spiteful letter of resignation, saying something snippy and clever, and walking out on my boss. Buuuuuut at the end of the day, I guess I’m pretty lucky. I have a job and  my boss isn’t actually a jerk (it’s just the authority-hating teenager screaming in me).

And when I’m really, really lucky, sometimes the  kindergartners finish all their projects in time (which look amazing, by the way – photos to come), get in a half-kidding fight about who loves me more, and end class with a big, fat, wonderful group hug.

Off to Flagstaff for the 3-day weekend. Life is pretty good right about now.


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