Long Weekend

Oh hey there, mini-hiatus. Didn’t see you there!

It was a nice long weekend on this side of things. We went up to Flagstaff for a couple days and had a pretty lovely time wandering around and doing a lot of nothing.

We sampled a flight from Mother Road Brewery. And Blaise made a new friend!

The flight was accompanied also by a dirty game of scrabble in which tricky words like “djinn” were played, followed by a complete bogart of the triple word score. I got “tired” and didn’t want to finish the game shortly thereafter.

But then it was time to come home. Back to the grind!

Pointy weapons

New pencil sharpener and pencil set-up

Raffle tickets! Students earn these by earning table points, or by being awesome individuals. I have one bucket for each class and on Fridays I do a drawing for fun things.

They are earning more and more points every day!

We’re now breaking into the watercolors… which means…

Water damage sneaking into all my decorations!

along with all the regular wear n tear, of course…

Oh well… at least they’re making neat things!

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