A Transformation

Oh dear, where does the time go? I don’t have a great reason as to why I have not posted in quite some time other than being merely undisciplined and slightly lazy. Lots of things have been happening over here, however, and life seems to have been taking me on quite the roller coaster lately. More on that later, but needless to say, the times they are a-changing!

A thousand hallelujahs! The weather is cooling down! I can’t tell you what a relief this is. After five years away from the Phoenix heat, it’s been very curious to remember (and relive) what 115 degrees feels like. Now, all you naysayers listen up: yes it’s a dry heat most of the time, but 115 is still very, very hot! And we do get a fair amount of humidity towards the end of the season, as a matter of fact. While it may not compare to the sweltering deep south, or somewhere in Texas, when it’s 110 with a fair amount of humidity, it’s still pretty wretched.

Not only do the cooling temperatures mean that we are all much more comfortable in our own skins these days, it also means that we have little to no excuses for finally going outside and doing some work in the garden. A lot of the work had to do with clearing out the debris that had settled there over the long summer.

Dead sunflowers from the last round.

Lots and lots of little raked up piles that needed to be moved

We tilled the soil and…

A great big dirt-y canvas for our forthcoming garden!
(for those who are curious: the trees [trunks] you can see in the shot are sissou, pomegranite, mesquite, and over to the left, palm [of course]).

Blaise really wanted to find some kind of shrubby plant of some kind to plant, one that the chickens wouldn’t be compelled to munch on. Chickens are pretty non-discriminatory when it comes to yummy plants. This presents a challenge to maintaining a nice garden / yard.

The guys at Whitfill nursery (which is EXCELLENT, guys – go there) recommended this particular little plant. It’s called an emu bush, and the man helping us thought that it might fit the bill because rabbits don’t like it. We tossed a clipping out to the chickens and they didn’t seem to give it much attention, so maybe it’s just what was needed!

We also nabbed a few sprouted plants from Whitfill, and also later from Home Depot. While I feel that it is much more satisfying to plant seeds that you have sprouted yourself (or at least, I imagine it is more satisfying – I haven’t gardened in so very long!), sometimes it’s nice just to throw a healthy plant in the ground and say “look! We have some stuff growing already!”

We nabbed peppermint, tarragon, basil, and rosemary so that we could cook with them, and also an asparagus plant. Asparagus is apparently very difficult to grow in Phoenix, but we’ll give it a shot. We’ve been consulting the Maricopa County Planting Guide to help us pick out seeds for the rest of the garden. But more on that later as we actually get to work on it (hopefully today or tomorrow). I’m so very excited!

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