Hello From Very Far Away

Updates from the last few months…


Christmas was really lovely this past year. Blaise was a doll and made the effort to be with everyone’s family – including mine – thus consuming about 3 dinners that day. Luckily, my brother had just gotten engaged a few days prior to Christmas (meaning most of the attention was on them and Blaise and I could escape unscathed), but we had to pose for a few photos, too. 


Valentine’s Day was super swell, too. I made a big breakfast – complete with sloppily-heart-shaped pancakes. 


Blaise made cocktails with hearts on them. They tasted even better than they looked – if that’s possible!


Blaise got a new tattoo —


And we spent lots of afternoons putzing around downtown…


sometimes with a pup in tow. 

ImageBlaise had a birthday, and even though he was fairly keen on skipping it, I decorated the house anyway. We butchered two of our chickens and made a big brunch feast for all of our friends to attend.

ImageWe were fortunate to have a new brood of baby hens at the time, so everyone enjoyed playing with the chicks before and after the meal.


Easter snuck up on us pretty quickly. Asking us to make deviled eggs was kind of a no-brainer, so we did our darndest with the help of a chef friend. Instead of using mayonnaise to make the filling moist, we used bacon fat and sour cream. They were pretty amazing if I do say so myself! 


Obviously, more photos were posed for. On the right side are my brother David and his fiance, Shandina. Their date is set for August 3 this year and we are all very, very excited.


Earlier this month we were lucky to get time off of work together, so we took off for the strange world of New Mexico. We got our alien-nerd on at the Very Large Array first thing. 



There were some really neat missions scattered around the state, but we only made it up to one of them. 



After a disastrous night of camping outside of White Sands (I’m ashamed to admit that the wind almost blew our tent away and we ended up sleeping in the car! Agh!), we visited the national monument the next day. It was so eerily beautiful!



And we ended our trip with a nice date at 47 Scott in Tucson, AZ. 

Life’s been so busy lately. Sometimes I wish I could just hit the pause button and sit back and take it all in, but frankly, it’s just go-go-go most of the time. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be slowing down anytime soon, either. We have our sights set on a short vacation to the beach in southern California sometime this summer, and I’m still angling on how to get up to Montana in September for a good friend’s wedding. Work, per usual, is its own beast (and I mean that in the best way possible).

I suppose I probably won’t make it back here for another few months, but until then — ciao, bloggers!








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