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The Last Days

Although the Holiday Season officially ended over a month ago, I never got around to posting pictures and recapping the festivities surrounding my birthday and Christmas. It was pretty great, guys!

Blaise and I started out the day in style by heading to the Phoenix Art Museum to pay homage to my favorite installation in the whole wide world. I couldn’t really get a good shot of it — it’s a dark room with mirrors on all the walls and ceiling, and reflective tile for the floors. Hanging on strands dangling from the ceiling are tiny LED lights that shift color and quality in cycle. The effect is that you appear to be standing in the middle of the universe, surrounded by stars in all infinite directions. It is so dark in the room that you cannot see your own reflection. It’s very centering and lovely, really, and I hadn’t been to see it in quite some time. It’s called You Who are Being Obliterated in the Dancing Swarm of Fireflies by Yayoi Kusama. I did get some neat shots of other things, however.




That night we headed to dinner with my family at Tuck Shop which was delicious, per usual. It was fun to get together with everyone in a fancy-schmancy setting.


My Mom of course needed to get a shot of all the young couples in the family. Obviously.


(sorry for the intense flash. I promise, although we are all very pasty, we are not quite that pasty).

On that Friday, my dear, dear friend Stephanie threw me an incredible little party that a great handful of my loveliest friends attended. Stephanie had amassed an assortment of delicious foods and we all got to make our own personal pizzas in her incredible wood-burning pizza oven. Fantastic!



And then, of course, Christmas came just a few days later. I made out like a bandit with a brand new Le Creuset French press coffee maker, some terrific necklaces from my Mom (and from Blaise’s Mom!), lots of chocolate, and a gorgeous black cashmere sweater. I’ve been wanting a cashmere sweater for ages and just have never bothered to buy one for myself, so it was a very nice thing to receive.


Here is myself and Blaise looking awfully couple-y on Christmas. Don’t you love his Christmas bow-tie / shirt combo? Guess who picked it out?! 😉

Life since then has been pretty mellow. Lots of working, lots of seeing people I love and care about. I’m looking forward to getting involved in some more projects in the upcoming days — I’m reading for a quickening of the pace around here. Lots to look forward to — including Valentine’s Day!

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Interim II

Hey, still here. Haven’t forgotten… Just absent and absent-minded. Maybe a thoughtful post coming up.



Hello cyberworld! Sorry for the absence… a lot has been happening over here which makes finding time to sit down and process life difficult. Excuses schmexcuses, I know.

The weather has taken a long time to cool off here in Phoenix, sadly, but we seem to be faring moderately well. Most days still get up to the 80s (boo!), but I suppose I can’t complain because many of you are hunkered down inside while your front yards look like what I imagine the Canadian tundra to be like. Well, perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration… but snow really freaks me out, guys. Last year at this time I was still living in Denver, CO, and I did not handle the snow too well. Correction: My 2010 Corolla did not handle the snow too well with me at the helm. Thank goodness I had an AZ license plate to half-justify my constant skidding and fish-tailing. I’m glad to be home this year, that’s for sure.

I’ve been taking a lot of time to reflect on 2012 lately and have started feeling very grateful for all the wonderful things that have come out of it. I still feel a lot like an aimless college grad, but the feeling of purposelessness and meaninglessness is slowly abating. I’d still like to go back to school – although I have no idea for what – and I’m trying to figure out what kind of person I’d like to be in the long run. But being home near my family, being with Blaise… these things are driving me steadily onward.

Blaise and I have begun the slow process of decorating our little place for the holidays. It’s nice how much a few bows and lights can really add to the atmosphere!

DecorA bit of garland around the mirror and some bows on the Rossin Ghibli bicycle

Tree!Our little tree! I’m still waiting to bring over my ornaments from my parents’ house, so she’s not finished yet, but this is certainly a grand start!

The arrival of the holiday season also means one more thing to me — Birthday Time!! This year is a particularly special birthday for me, as I will turn the big 2-4 on 12/12/12. (Get it? 24 on 12/12/12??!) My dear Blaise decided to do something special a little early for me this year, and I am feeling like one lucky lady. Those of you who know me know that in 2011 I undertook an Independent Project at UPS in order to analyze and study Sufjan Stevens‘ 2004 album, Seven Swans. It took me about 4 months to do the project, and 50 pages later, I had a pretty neat study put together. Unfortunately, despite my mega-fan-girl status, I had never seen him live. Until…

Suf TixBlaise surprised me with tickets to see their show down in Tucson! OH BOY!

We spent a day hauling around town, sampling some lovely cocktails at The Hub, Scott & Co, and Maynard’s Kitchen. We stayed at the Hotel Congress (which is simply amazing!), and sampled Blue Bottle coffee from Sparkroot.



and of course…

SufjanThe man of the hour was full of Christmas spirit and oh so much fun!

It’s strange to be home for Christmas for once, and not planning a full on pilgrimage back to my parents for the holidays. In a sense, I miss the excitement that comes with packing a suitcase and heading for warmer climes, but I’m truly enjoying being near family, setting up my own tree, and sampling plenty of Blaise’s eggnog by the fire. More Christmas updates to come, and of course, news about the upcoming birthday festivities!

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Hello, Phoenix!


My pretty city. Feels like fall finally!


November? November!

Whoa whoa whoa everyone, please tell me it is NOT already November. October slipped through my fingers so quickly and I feel like I barely had time to relish in my favorite month of the year! Who am I kidding, though… it has been a terrific past few weeks. So terrific in fact, that I have barely had time to sit down and update this space!

Lately I have been…

Going to the AZ State Fair

Reconnecting with dear old friends from high school at Hanny’s

Watching the garden grow big —

Carrots –

Kale –

Buttercup Squash –

Sunflowers –

And the broccoli, spinach, pumpkin, radishes, tomatoes, etc., etc., etc. are all doing fabulously as well!

The baby chicks are so big now that we have been able to put them in the large run with the adult chickens. They are chirping along as happily as ever and starting to get rather fat!

In even more exciting news, we had a group of three lovely cross-country cyclists stay with us around Halloween. Em and Nick hail from San Francisco, and Alex, a friend they met up with on the road, is originally from Austin, TX. Em and Nick are currently in the process of filming a documentary about cycling fatalities and are en route to Orlando, FL. Alex, on the other hand, has been on the road for the last six months biking all around the perimeter of the continental US. You can read more about their fascinating journey on their blog. They also have a pretty sweet map on the website so you can see where they’re off to.

While they were here, we did some hiking

Hung out by the pool
(it was a pretty warm day, even by fall’s standards)

Partied it up at the Crescent Ballroom for Halloween

and Alex managed to snag himself a pretty sweet tat from Golden Rule

I guess he liked Phoenix okay!

It was really amazing to spend so much time with people who are so convicted about what they do, and so hardcore that they are literally biking every mile from coast to coast. Even Blaise has done some serious biking in his life (more at his blog, guys, I am not equipped to tell these stories!), and after our visitors left, I was starting to feel pretty left out. Why was I so scared of just getting on a bike?

So… my delightful beau struck it out of the park once more…

By fixing me up my very own little bike!

My bike has a little basket and lights for when I bike around at night. My very concerned parents kindly bought my an Adeline Adeline nutcase helmet and guess what?!

I’ve been biking to work every day. I have probably already saved $30-$40 in gas this week already! Hooray!

Dear Em, Nick, and Alex: Thank You for inspiring me to get on a bike!


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New Places + Faces


The promised post on the newest of the new is forthcoming. I hope to sit down and load up some photos tomorrow… There is a ton to update on!

Hope all is well, lovely people. Don’t be strangers.



No wine for chickens.


Sorry posts have been sparse lately. There’s been a ton going on and I promise I will make a big update post as long as everything has settled!

Good luck to Hurricane Sandy -ers out on the East Coast. Stay safe.

one last parting shot from our shoot last week…



Am I Blushing?

Awww, guess what!? I’ve been nominated for a Beautiful Blogger Award!!

Now, this is really quite the honor and I’m feeling pretty special. And the best part of the whole thing is that I get to pay this special honor forward! More on that in a minute.

I’ve been informed that being bestowed with this award comes with a few tasks I must complete.

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Attach the award to your site for braggin’ rights.
  3. Share 7 random facts about you. 
  4. Nominate 15 bloggers for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

[1.] I happen to have been nominated by the lovely Amber Starts Today whose blog is full of great insights on life and living. Go check it out now! I really want to thank you, Amber, as it is just so very sweet of you to appreciate The Good Life and all the randomness I have put online here. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

[2.] I am about as computer savvy as a bat and is sort of my own personal rubik cube, so if anyone has any advice or instructions on how to permanently install this icon to my blog, please let me know! Many thank yous in advance.

[3.] 7 Random Facts – let’s go!

  1. I played piano from the age of 4 – 21 and went to college to study music. I ended up changing my major, but being a pianist was a major part of my life.
  2. I also wrote the music for three school plays during high school.
  3. I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was 20.
  4. I think the best band of my generation is absolutely, positively, Radiohead.
  5. I used to be a lifeguard and yes, I actually had to jump in after some kids on a few occasions. Scary!
  6. I’ve hiked the 2nd tallest mountain in Arizona twice, but still have yet to do the Grand Canyon. Hmm…
  7. What I would really like to add to my urban farm right this very moment is a goat. A girl can dream, no?

[4.] And here are my nominees for The Most Beautiful Bloggers:

When Life Is Good
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Get to reading, friends!



French Toast bites for breakfast Sunday morning! Yum!

We’re been taking a lot of bike rides on the tandem lately. So fun to see everyone’s smiles when we cruise by. Unfortunately, we happened to get a flat tire on this particular ride. Whomp whomp!

We made Nettle Mint tea with the help of our STILL hot sun. We’ve had a few days of cool weather, but Phoenix is still rather warm these days.

But not so warm I haven’t pulled out my fall clothes! I keep meaning to do some style posts… Maybe I’ll get up the guts to start doing them soon!


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