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Photography 101

Blaise took me out to the Phoenix Mountain Preserve today so that I could begin to learn how to use his DSLR. I inherited a pretty snazzy old school SLR from my grandfather (I believe it’s an Olympus OM-2?) but I have yet to really get the hang of it. It really sucks to pay for a roll of film and development to find out that you didn’t set the aperture or shutter quite right. But with the DSLR (Blaise’s is a Cannon 40-D), I can take just about as many pictures as I want.

Blaise is a pretty good teacher, and although I find most of my pictures pretty boring, they turned out okay! More shoots to come, hopefully with more interesting subjects!

(this is a creosote plant. The cool thing about creosote is that when it gets wet it releases a very unique, crisp scent into the air. Whenever it rains here in Phoenix, the whole city smells of wet pavement and creosote!)

Sneaky lizard under another creosote bush

And then dear Blaise took to taking a few shots of me!

I really feel like I need more hobbies these days… more things to fill up time in a meaningful way and make life a little more fun. Perhaps photography shall fit the bill for now? We’ll see.

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