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Little Bits

A bit of what’s going on around here:

The little ones are growing up so fast. I have to remember to snap a few shots every now and then because even I can’t tell from day to day, each pic reminds me that they’ve already gotten huge compared to how they used to be.

Sunflowers peeking up

New tomatoes

And because I’ve been blathering on and on about how cute the babies are, I’ve totally forgotten about the other, still awesome adult chickens.

Hey Pete!

and finally,

We also rearranged the house! Yesterday we took most of the day to do a ton of cleaning and moving. The place feels so much more open and airy!

Life is good! Hopefully I’ll get around to writing a more substantive post soon, but I’m in a rush this morning so be on the lookout in the near future!


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Devil in the Details

Today saw a continuance of the little nesting spree I’m in, and to be honest, I’m sure it will continue for quite some time! I had a bunch of free time to catch up on little household tasks like dishes, laundry, and putting things away, and it was nice to see a tiny transformation around the place. Having three adults (and all their stuff!) packed into one apartment is a little tricky for now, but we’re making it work. In any case, it was nice to do a few things and spend a few hours feeling productive.

I’m still quite thrilled with our little table. My only complaints are that it seems to scratch easily, and as you can see in the window reflection in the photo below, our furry little roommates leave their white furs to wander and land ever so sweetly on the shiny table top. Nothing a damp rag can’t fix, however!

I’m starting to realize how important it is to put a little extra effort into small details. I’ve never been very good at accessorizing, or honing finer points, to be quite frank. It’s not that I don’t adore little accent pillows, quirky cabinet pulls, etc., I’m just so bad at picking them out for myself! Luckily, Blaise seems to be an expert at these sorts of things, and I’m slowly learning.

I’ve lately become quite obsessed with little trays (of which there are a-plenty at Goodwill!) and love arranging my jewelry and accessories on it.

Here’s a little black tray with enamel flowers (which you can’t really see underneath all the stuff!) that Blaise already had. I keep a few necklaces, my bracelets, and my rings on it.

This pretty mirrored tray might be my favorite, however. It’s quite perfect for housing little bottles so they don’t get cluttered around the top of the dresser. I found it yesterday at Charlie’s House (right next to Qcumberz)- a truly fantastic antique shop around the corner that is really reasonably priced as well!

The apartment itself is starting to come together really nicely. Over the last few weeks we’ve put up a few shelves, and Blaise has taken on the business of planting dozens of little succulent terrariums in glass containers. You can see on in the top photo of the table, but this one might be one of my favorites. It’s on one of the shelf units that we’ve just hung over the bed. I want more shelves! Tons more! More places to put neat things!

I love the vintage Vanity Fair men in their charming wears that are underneath our first shelf!

There’s still a ton left to do tonight alone, not to mention the many, many days coming up that will be full of lots of work. I can’t wait to get my hands into the dirt in the garden, too! Oh boy I’m having so much fun thinking about what I want to plant, i.e., what I want to eat come harvest time. But it’s rainy slightly outside, so I suppose I’m stuck inside folding laundry. Ah well, clean laundry was never a bad thing, I guess!

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Now that I’ve moved in with Blaise, we’ve taken on the task of rearranging, redecorating, refurnishing the place and making it new. We’ve spent a lot of time hunting on craigslist, local vintage and antique shops, ebay, etc., searching for the perfect mid-century modern furniture (think Eames / Herman Miller / Mad Men even though we [gasp!] don’t watch it). Just the other day, we found the most darling credenza that we snatched up for a really great price, and yesterday we drove up to Sun City West to grab a terrific, tall chrome-edged bar table and three tall chairs to go with it. It looks so fantastic!

We’re still on the lookout for hutches, bookshelves, more (at least one?) credenzas, and most specifically, a couch. I suppose my dream couch would be from Thrive, but that’s a little out of our price range these days. Sigh! There are also a few nice things from Ikea, but they are in the upper-mid range of our price bracket, and I figure that if we’re going to spend that much money, we should really hold out for something antique that we can get for a steal of a price. I’m not the biggest fan of Ikea — it’s got some great stuff, I’ll admit, but it doesn’t have that durability factor that I really crave.

A few wants:

ImageWhat a gorgeous credenza…. I could own a warehouse of these guys and never have enough!


Exactly what we got for the kitchen!


ImageI so want something like this to keep all our dishes in!

It’s going to take a while to get everything the way we want it to be. Gutting, cleaning, painting, wallpapering (I would love to cover a wall in this or this!) , hanging new lights, organizing, installing this that and the other thing… it’ll be a huge task! And I haven’t yet started to talk about the garden!

And as quickly as I check the clock to see what time it is today, I realize that my summer vacation is quickly slipping away. Sigh! Classes will start again so very, very soon and I’ll have to return to adult-world. I’m learning a lot about time management these days, but it’s still so very hard to get everything done in just one day!

All in due time, I suppose. Including all these home improvements!

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Back Again

It was so good to be away for a time. San Francisco was lovely – more lovely than I could have asked for. The people were delightful, the food and drinks were delicious. It was hard to come back in many ways, and a large part of me wishes we could have stayed. However, I realize now more than even how important it is to belong to where you are from, to appreciate and love it, to engage with it on a profound level.

I am a Phoenician and always have been. No matter what sorts of efforts I have made to get away from this place, it always draws me back. Whether it is the beautiful winters, the beautiful people, or the sheer feeling of being “home,” this is a place I will never escape. And at this point, I may be okay with that.

Here’s a few photos from our little vacation.

On the beach in Santa Barbara, on the way up to San Francisco. We had to stop to fix Blaise’s iPhone, so we made a little detour. Mai Tai’s looking over the harbor were never so good!

On our first morning in San Francisco, we wandered off to one of Blaise’s most recommended bakeries – Tartine. We waited in line for at least 20 minutes before hauling off our goods to Dolores Park. We had (arguably) the best fruit tart in the world – white raspberries, blackberries, sweet cream, tucked in a delicious flaky crust. We also grabbed a roll stuffed with gruyere cheese and chives. Mm-mmm!

How dapper. We spent far too much money hamming it up on Bar Agricole. Delicious drinks, however.

The Fidel and Che was a delicious little cocktail I snagged from a swanky little place near the MOMA downtown called Local Edition.

And just as soon as our cocktails were finished, we hopped on the cable car line and zipped up to North Beach!

A few days later, we returned to North Beach and I went to the coolest little record store – 101 Music. I almost bought a nice little record layer, but thought the better of it and ended up leaving it there. Sigh!

A little detour through the beach next to Golden Gate Park. This boy is the best!

North Beach.

We stayed in LA on our last night before we returned to Phoenix. We enjoyed prowling about like rock stars in the Redbury Hotel in West Hollywood.

The view from the balcony of our Redbury Suite on the last morning before we returned. It’s hard to think that this was really only a week ago!

I think a lot of the difficulty being back has to do with the fact that I’m rather fallow at the moment. No work, no big projects. But I suppose I can’t complain too much… I have been doing a lot of things around the house. New furniture, cleaning, re-arranging, organizing… it all must be done!

All I know is that I’m a lucky girl, to be honest. I have a great life here. A great family, a great boyfriend, a great… existence. I have so much to be thankful for, and as far as I can tell, things will only be getting better from here on out!

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